Help is on the way.......

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Help is on the way…

Sumter County Government has hired a new Animal Rescue Coordinator, Amy Frey.  Thank you to Sheriff Dennis along with the City of Sumter and Chief Roark for working with us to coordinate a new rescue program for Sumter County.

In the big scheme of things, Sumter County Law Enforcement is responsible for the safety and well-being of the citizens of our community and Animal Control falls under this public safety umbrella.  We have been performing Animal Control for many years in Sumter, which is different than Animal Rescue or even Animal Adoption.  The term Animal Shelter is often confused by these two different functions.  For this reason Sumter County, in coordination with local Law Enforcement, has created a position that will move us closer to the Animal Shelter business.

                In the current Capital Penny Sales Tax Projects there is $300,000 allocated for “Animal Shelter”.  Sumter County is currently discussing an option with Sumter Strays, a local 501C organization, to operate our new Animal Shelter for the sole purpose of adoption and rescue, which will accomplish two important issues.

  1. Law Enforcement can continue to handle “Animal Control”.

  2. Sumter Strays, or similar group, can offer a new program of “Animal Rescue and Adoption” in a new facility designed for animal care.

It is our goal to not only have Ms. Frey handle current needs for animal rescue, but to also help set the foundation for transition to new services for others to get involved in animal care.

                I have spoken with numerous volunteers, individuals and groups, which supports this effort and they are eager to get involved.  Please contact Amy Frey at 803-436-2066 to inquire how you can “help” to move this effort forward.

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