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Wheels in Motion.....


Wheels in Motion……

Things are moving so fast in your County Government, it is great to be a part of “TEAM Sumter”.

The 2016 Capital Penny Sales Tax Projects have started in full force after a delay caused by the 1,000 year flood in Sumter.


County Government's New Year is Here!


All local governments, to include Sumter County, begin a new fiscal year on July 1st of each year.  We have just completed a four-month budget process where County Council, after numerous workshops, approved a $49,452,427 General Fund budget request.  This is approximately a  1% increase over the previous year’s budget.  These are the approved funds that each individual County Department will utilize to operate and accomplish the tasks set by our County Council.  Our County Department Managers take this task very seriously and accep

The Heat Is On......


The heat is on………..

in more ways than one.  June arrived with hot temperatures in the low 90’s coupled with rain which has made it very humid.  We expect heat in the south, which is an exchange for those bitter cold winters up north.

Where is the year going?


Where is the year going?

It seems just like yesterday that we were overwhelmed by the disastrous “Millennium Flood”; working around the clock to provide shelter, food, and other essentials for victims throughout Sumter County.  Today we are still working through road issues and material losses throughout our County.  I extend thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding as we continue to move through this very slow process of rebuilding.

Budget Season Begins.....


Budget Season Begins………..

April has arrived and spring is in the air.  The flowers and trees are in full bloom and everything is starting to turn green.

For local government officials, spring also means the budget season will begin.  The County budget operates on a fiscal year, which begins July 1 and ends June 30 of the following calendar year.  By South Carolina’s law, County Budgets approved by County Council must be a balanced budget.  Budgeted operating expenses for the County must be balanced by equal amounts of expected revenues.

Warm weather attractions........


Warm weather attractions……….

As the warm weather approaches, we all enjoy spending more time outdoors.  This year, unlike many in the past, will likely have an annoying enemy awaiting us, the MOSQUITO!  With large amounts of standing water in ditches and low lying areas, we are guaranteed to have a tough season with mosquitoes this spring and summer.  The County, in partnership with the City of Sumter, has picked up the Mosquito Control efforts in Sumter County when our State Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) elected not to provide this service any longer.

Winter is cold.............


Winter is cold but things are heating up with your County Government…..

Yes, February can be very cold in South Carolina, but your local government is heating up with new projects and new department budget preparations.

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

I hope Sumter County will have a mild, uneventful New Year, at least as it relates to weather concerns.  This County is still experiencing flood related issues because of the amount of rain we have had since the flood which has caused a high water table in this area.

Christmas is here.....


Christmas is here………

Yes, we are well into December and the holiday spirit is amongst us.  With all the troubles from weather related floods or tragic national and global upheaval, we need not look any further to realize how blessed we are in America.

Much to be thankful for.......


Much to be thankful for…………..

As the holidays approach, Sumter citizens have much to be thankful for this season.  While we have encountered one of the worst flood events seen in Sumter County for many years, we are most thankful that no weather related fatalities were declared in Sumter County.  Our ever-ready professional emergency service staff provided the best care throughout this horrific flood.


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