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The Storm has come and gone!


The Storm has come and gone!

While Sumter County experienced devastating property loss, we are fortunate not to have had loss of life pertaining to the floods.

Fall is in the air......


Fall is in the air and your County Government is gearing up for another busy year.  Sumter County will sell a $30,600,000.00 Bond Anticipation Note, better known as a “BAN”, on September 30, 2015.  The “BAN” funds will allow Sumter County to get started early on the 2016 Penny for Progress projects; the new E911 Emergency Communication System, the new Police and Fire Headquarters, and numerous road improvements.  Also included in the early project list are architectural and engineering costs for several building projects so that many more projects can begin in 2016.

August in County Government.....


August in County Government………

Is the time of year when the final books close from the previous fiscal year ending June 30.  Generally July and August is spent preparing our financial books for the external independent auditing firm to review and offer their opinion to County Council and the public about the County’s financial status for the previous year. 

A New Fiscal Year has begun....


A New Fiscal Year has begun……

Yes, County government operates on a fiscal year which begins July 1 and ends June 30 each year.  As required by South Carolina law, County Council at its meeting held on June 23, 2015, passed the County’s fiscal year 2015-2016 operating budget of $49,349,943.

Two Down and One to Go..........


Two Down and One to Go

Your County Council has approved two readings for the Fiscal Year 2015-2016 budget requests.  By South Carolina law, counties must pass a balanced budget by June 30 each year.  On June 9, 2015, Council gave second reading approval to a balanced County operating budget of $49,349,943.  Included in the new budget proposal is a change in the EMS services, a COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) for employees, and funding for other agencies to include the Sumter County Library.  The budget is balanced which includes 2 additional mills for the aforementioned items.  County Council is scheduled to give third and final reading on the Fiscal Year 2015-2016 operating budget requests at its next meeting on June 23, 2015.

May-June "The End Is Near"


No!  It is not the end of times but the end of another County Budget year. The County’s fiscal year runs July 1st to June 30th each year.  The business of work proposed and approved by County Council in 2014-15 is quickly winding down. 

Difficult Budget Season……


Your administrative and financial staffs are currently compiling each department’s budget requests for the new fiscal year beginning July 1, 2015; this has us working neck deep in the annual budget process.

Winter in South Carolina.....


Winter in South Carolina……

They say if you don’t like the weather in South Carolina, just give it a couple of days and it will change.  This has really been the case lately in Sumter.  One day the high temperature will be in the 30’s and the next few days back in the 50’s or even 60’s.  We have also had our fair share of rain which has really made the County road repairs difficult; wet dirt roads have to dry before they can be regraded.  We appreciate the patience of our citizens living on roads in these conditions.

Happy New Year To You!


Happy New Year To You!

2014 is nearly over.....


2014 is nearly over and it is a great time to reflect on the accomplishments in County Government.

Sumter County transitioned to a new audit firm, Webster-Rogers; the 2013 Audit review went relatively smoothly.  An “unqualified” opinion was offered, which in auditing terms is in good standing.  (The County’s 2014 Audit is expected by January 2015.)

The annual budget cycle went well which began in February and ended in June.  There was no tax millage increase in the County, City, or the School District.  The first time in over 30 years!


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