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Minutes Regular Meeting 01/22/13

Sumter County Council
Regular Meeting
January 22, 2013 - Held at 6:00 p.m.
Sumter County Administration Building -- County Council Chambers
Third Floor -- 13 East Canal Street -- Sumter, South Carolina



  1. Chairman Larry Blanding, Council District #6
  2. Vice Chairman, Eugene R. Baten, Council District #7
  3. Councilman Artie Baker, Council District #2
  4. Councilman James R. Byrd, Council District #3
  5. Councilman Charles T. Edens, Council District #4
  6. Councilwoman Vivian Fleming McGhaney, Council District #5
  7. Councilwoman Naomi D. Sanders, District  #1




Mary W. Blanding, Clerk to Council

Gary M. Mixon, County Administrator

Johnathan Bryan, County Attorney

Lorraine Dennis, Asst. County Administrator

Pam Craven, Finance Director

The Honorable Carolina Richardson, Treasurer

Martha J. Clodfelter

George McGregor, Planning Director

Sheriff Deputy Robbie Baker

The Honorable Laureatha McCants, Auditor



The Item Newspaper (Mr. Bristow Marchant)



Approximately 18 members of the public were in attendance.



CALL TO ORDER:  Chairman of Council, Larry Blanding, called the meeting to order. 

INVOCATION:  Councilwoman Vivian Fleming McGhaney gave the invocation. 

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:  All in attendance repeated the Pledge of Allegiance.    

APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  Chairman Blanding asked the Clerk to Council if there were any adjustments to the agenda.  The Clerk stated that there is one adjustment that needs to be made:  delete item #3 from New Business and add it to the Fiscal, Tax, and Property Agenda for February 12, 2013.  The Chairman called for a motion to approve the January 22, 2013, agenda.    

ACTION:  MOTION was made by Councilman Baker, seconded by Vice Chairman Baten, and unanimously carried by Council to approve the January 22, 2013, agenda as amended. 

MINUTES:  REGULAR MEETING HELD ON JANUARY 8, 2013:  Chairman Blanding stated that he would entertain a motion to approve the minutes of Sumter County Council’s regular meeting held on January 8, 2013

ACTION:  MOTION was made by Vice Chairman Baten, seconded by Councilwoman Sanders, and unanimously carried by Council to approve the minutes of the regular County Council meeting held on January 8, 2013, as presented.


Development/Rezoning Request –

(1)   OA-12-17 -- Neighborhood Commercial District Uses / Physical Fitness Facilities (County) –Second Reading/Public Hearing– (13-784) -- Request To Amend Article 3, Section 3.G.2 Permitted Uses In The Neighborhood Commercial (NC) Zoning District And Exhibit 5 Of The Sumter County Zoning And Development Standards Ordinance In Order To Include Physical Fitness Facilities (SIC Code 7991) As A Permitted Use. (Prior To Action On Second Reading, Council Will Hold A Public Hearing On This Matter.)

Mr. George McGregor, the Planning Director presented this proposed ordinance to Council for second reading consideration and public hearing.  He stated that this request, if allowed by Council, will amend Article 3, Section 3.G.2, Permitted Uses in the Neighborhood Commercial Zoning District by allowing Physical Fitness Facilities in this area as a Permitted Use.  The Planning staff and the Planning Commission recommended approval of this request. 

The Chairman then convened a public hearing on this matter.  He asked if anyone wished to speak in favor of or opposition to this proposed ordinance amendment.  No one spoke to this issue; therefore, the Chairman closed the public hearing.  Then Council took action on second reading. 

ACTION:  MOTION was made by Councilman Baker, seconded by Councilman Edens, and unanimously carried by Council to approve the proposed ordinance amendment as presented. 

(2)   RZ-12-10 -- 3205 Sargent Road (County)Second Reading/Public Hearing -- Request To Rezone A +/- 1.0 Acre Parcel Located At 3205 Sargent Road From Split Zoned Residential (R-15) /Agricultural Conservation (AC) To Agricultural Conservation (AC).  The Property Is Represented By Tax Map #151-00-01-080.  (Prior To Action On Second Reading, Council Will Hold A Public Hearing On This Matter.)

Mr. McGregor stated that this is a split zone piece of property.  One-half of the property is zoned Residential-15 and the other half is Agricultural Conservation (AC).  The request is from Ms. Barbara Sargent Johnson and the property is located on Sargent Road.  The Planning Commission and the Planning staff recommended approval of this rezoning request. 

The Chairman then convened a public hearing.  No one spoke in favor of the ordinance; however, Mrs. Barbara Johnson’s sister was present on behalf of the ordinance.  The following persons spoke against the ordinance. 

  • Staff Sergeant James Ballentine stated that he lives right behind the area that has been cleared for this mobile home to be placed.  He asked what will the property be used for once it is completely cleared.   (Mr. McGregor stated that this property is to be used for one mobile home.)
  • James Statten spoke in opposition to this proposed rezoning request.  He stated that the property would allow a mobile home instead of a manufactured home.  This could cause their property value to decrease more.  He is concerned about a single wide-mobile home in this area which would possibly cause even more of a decrease in property value.  He further stated that the property owner had to purchase the property knowing that they could not put the mobile home on the property without being rezoned. 

(Note:  Councilman Baker stated that he plans to go look at the site prior to third reading. He also asked Mr. McGregor about the reason for the request.  Mr. McGregor stated that the reason Ms. Johnson asked for the rezoning is because her property was split right down the middle with one being AC and the other being R-15, and she wants to live near her family.)

Chairman Blanding stated that there will be several questions that will be answered at third reading (1.  When was the property given split zoning?  2. Who requested the split zoning?)

ACTION:  MOTION was made by Councilman Baker, seconded by Councilman Byrd to grant second reading approval to this rezoning request.  Vice Chairman Baten voted in opposition. 

Street Name Change – None

Grant Awards -- None



(1)   Ratification of Membership Of Council Members On Council’s Committees, Liaisons Committees, and Other Agencies And Boards.

The Chairman presented the proposed appointments to Council for ratification of Council’s Committees and Liaisons.  After review of the document, Council took action on its approval. 

ACTION:  MOTION was made by Councilman Baker, seconded by Councilwoman Sanders, and unanimously carried by Council to grant approval of the document as presented.   

(See listed on next page.) 






City/County Liaison

Eugene R. Baten 

Byrd and  McGhaney


Fiscal, Tax, and Property

Larry Blanding 

Edens and McGhaney


Internal Affairs

Jimmy Byrd

Baten and Sanders


Military Affairs

S. C. Military Base Task Force Committee

Eugene R. Baten 

Baker and Blanding

Public Safety

Artie Baker

Sanders and Baten


Public Works and Solid Waste


Naomi D. Sanders

Baker and Edens


Vivian Fleming McGhaney

Byrd and Sanders


Public Utilities


Charles T. Edens

Baten and McGhaney


Cultural/Fine Arts  Liaison (2)

Charles T. Edens and Eugene Baten


Economic Development Liaison (2)

(Ex officio members Chairman or Designee  and Administrator or Designee)

Larry Blanding

Gary Mixon

Greater Sumter Chamber of Commerce (2)

(Ex officio members Chairman or Designee  and Administrator or Designee)

Eugene R. Baten 

Gary Mixon

Education Liaison(2)

Naomi D. Sanders and Artie Baker


SUATS Committee (Chairman and one other member)

Larry Blanding and Jimmy Byrd


Workforce Investment Board (WIB) Chairman or Designee 

Larry Blanding

Lake Marion Regional Water  (Chairman and  Administrator, or appointee)

Eugene R. Baten and Gary Mixon

(Peter Wilson)`

Lynches River Advisory Council

Charles T. Edens

Santee Lynches Council On Governments (appointed by Chairman)

Vivian Fleming-McGhaney

Eugene R. Baten

Larry Blanding

James A. Campbell

Earl Wilson

Rick Farmer

Career Center

Eugene Baten

Wateree Community Actions (Appointed by Chairman)


Santee Wateree RTA


S. C. Military Base Taskforce Committee

Eugene R. Baten


(Updated 01-22-13)

(2)   Presentation To Members Of Sumter County Council By County Administrator.

The County Administrator stated that about a year ago, we, the Clerk and I, were charged to develop a County Flag.  There has never been a flag representing Sumter County.  After development of the flag and review by Council members, and other staff, the flag is now ready for unveiling.   

The Flag has the outline of our County, General Thomas Sumter in the middle, and the State’s Crescent Moon and Palmetto Tree.  (See sample below). 

Council members took pictures with the flag, and Chairman Blanding thanked the staff for their diligent work on this project.  The flags will be placed at all of the County’s building and properties where there are existing flag pools. 

ACTION:  Received as information.   

(3)   Discussion And Possible Action Concerning Changing Council’s Agenda Format.

This matter was moved to the Fiscal, Tax, and Property Committee Agenda for February 12, 2013, agenda. 

(4)   It May Be Necessary To Hold An Executive Session To Discuss A Personnel Matter, Receive A Legal Briefing, Or Discuss A Contractual Matter And Appropriate Actions May Be Required And Taken Thereafter

No executive session was held. 


(1)   12-782 – Third Reading -- An Ordinance Authorizing A Permanent Easement To Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. On Land Adjoining North Wise Drive And On Land Adjoining Brewington Road.

The County Attorney, Mr. Johnathan Bryan, stated that this ordinance authorizes a permanent Easement to Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.  No changes have been made to this proposed ordinance since first reading. 

ACTION:  MOTION was made by Councilman Baker, seconded by Councilwoman Sanders, and unanimously carried by Council to grand third reading and adoption to this ordinance as presented. 

(2)   12-783Third Reading -- An Ordinance Authorizing The Declaration Of Restrictive Covenants On Land At The Crystal Lakes Golf Course For Stream Mitigation.

The County Attorney also presented this proposed ordinance to Council for third reading approval.  Mr. Bryan stated that there have been no changes to this ordinance since first reading.  Council took action on third reading. 

ACTION:  MOTION was made by Councilman Baker, seconded by Vice Chairman Baten, and unanimously carried by Council to grand third reading and adoption of this ordinance. 

(3)   13-785 Second Reading -- An Ordinance Authorizing The Sale Of Property Located At 1070 Toby Court, Sumter, SC.  (Public Hearing On This Matter Will Be Held On February 12, 2013.)

Mr. Bryan stated that Council will have a public hearing on this proposed ordinance at its February 12, 2013, agenda.  He further stated that this ordinance will ratify the sale of property located at 1070 Toby Court which was sold on GovDeal.com.  The reason Sumter County Council must ratify this sale is because the property was actually deeded to Sumter County.  The Chairman called for action on this second reading request. 

ACTION:  MOTION was made by Councilman Baker, seconded by Councilwoman McGhaney, and unanimously carried by Council to grand second reading as presented. 


(1)   A Workshop Pertaining To Two Land Use Matters – All Council Members Are To Attend – Tuesday, January 22, 2013, At 5:00 P.M. In County Council’s Conference Room

The Chairman stated that Council members had a workshop today to discuss Land Use Matters pertaining to changes to Accessory Buildings and Uses.  No action is required at this time; however, the Planning Department will discuss this matter and bring it back to Sumter County Council. 

(2)   Report From Council Members On Other Meetings, Trainings, And/Or Conferences

No report was given.


  • Volunteer Firefighter and EMS Awards Dinner Scheduled for Thursday, April 25, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. 
  • Landscaping Ordinance Development – Memorandum from George McGregor (Donna McCullum)
  • ACCRA Cost Of Living Index – Santee- Lynches Regional Council of Governments
  • Sumter County Sheriff’s Office Monthly Activity Report – January 15, 2013
  • Ribbon Cutting And Announcements


  • Sumter County Council Members along with several other Counties will meet with their respective Legislative Delegation Representatives at the State House with South Carolina Association of Counties on January 29, 2013.

¨Legislative Day is scheduled for March 6, 2013, (Sumter Greater Chamber of Commerce).


The Chairman asked if anyone wished to speak to Council about any matter.  No one spoke during public comment.


There being no further business for Sumter County Council, and no additional comments from the public, the meeting was adjourned at 6:33 p.m. after a motion by Councilman Baker, seconded by Councilman Byrd, and unanimously carried by Council. 

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