2016 P4P List

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The Sumter County Capital Projects Sales Tax Act Commission reports to the Sumter County Council that it has met and deliberated and, having considered a number of projects for funding through the imposition of the Capital Project Sales Tax, by vote of the Commission in public meetings duly advertised, presents the following list of projects, arranged in order of priority and the Ballot Question.

Ballot Question; Instructions to Voters; Conditions and Restrictions:

Must a special one percent sales and use tax be imposed in Sumter County (the “County”) for not more than seven (7) years, to begin when the current capital projects sales tax ends on or before May 1, 2016, to raise the amounts specified for the following purposes and in order to pay the costs (including rights-of-way acquisition and architectural, engineering, legal, administrative costs, and related fees) of the projects described below; pending the receipt of such sales and use tax, must the County also be authorized to issue and sell, either as a single issue or as several separate issues, general obligation bonds (the “Bonds”) of the County in the aggregate principal amount not to exceed $40,000,000.00 to be paid from the sales and use tax to be received and to pledge the sales and use tax to be received to the payment of the principal of and interest on the Bonds?


  1. $10,000,000   - New E911 Emergency Services Facility.  New communications infrastructure will provide the updated technology to meet mandated digital radio service, allowing county-wide coverage, and will replace the obsolete analog system. 
  2. $  5,000,000   - Police Station.  A new City of Sumter Police Department Headquarters.
  3. $  5,600,000   - Headquarters Fire Station.  A new downtown Headquarters Fire Station to  serve the City of Sumter and County Fire Departments.
  4. $  2,000,000   - Industrial Infrastructure.  Roads, water, and sewer for industrial parks to attract new industry.
  5. $  2,500,000   - Manning Avenue Bridge.  Renovation of the Manning Avenue Bridge.
  6. $  4,000,000   - Manning Avenue Corridor.  Pedestrian, streetscape, intersection, traffic calming, lighting, access, and landscaping improvements to the Manning Avenue Corridor and connections to the Southern Gateway project.
  7. $  1,000,000   - N. Main Street Corridor.  Pedestrian, streetscape, intersection, traffic calming, lighting, access, and landscaping improvements to the Main Street Corridor and connections to the Lafayette intersection projects.

(The proceeds of the Capital Project Sales Tax attributable to Projects 5, 6, and 7 may be used as a full or partial match for any one or more federal, state, or local grants with similar purposes, and the timing and priority of these items may be adjusted to allow and maximize such matching. )

  1. $     600,000   - Wilson Hall Road and Wise Drive Intersection.  Improvements to the existing right-of-way to relieve congestion at busy entrance near intersection and to improve traffic flow during peak traffic hours.
  2. $     900,000   - Wilson Hall Road at Carter Road and Wesmark Boulevard.  Improvements to existing right-of-way to improve traffic flow during peak traffic hours.
  3. $  2,800,000   - Administration Building Renovations.  Renovations will provide a secure access point and will enhance the security and operations for the Treasurer's Office and other administrative operations in the building.
  4. $  2,750,000   - Dillon Park Renovations.  Renovations will include a new football complex, paved parking, an enhanced walking track, and other improvements.
  5. $     200,000   - Pinewood Sports and Wellness Complex/Recreational Park.  Develop a "Sports and Wellness Complex/Recreational Park” with multi-sports fields, playground equipment, picnic area, restrooms, and parking.
  6. $     875,000   - Mayesville Downtown Revitalization.   Leverage existing grants to renovate downtown buildings for public purpose.  Renovations include, as a minimum, repairs or replacement of roofs, front façade, location signage, interior public bathrooms, and interior floors and walls.
  7. $  4,000,000   - Shot Pouch Greenway.  A pedestrian greenway will connect the City and County vertically from Dillon Park on the north to Swan Lake on the South, crossing over several major corridors including the 76/378 By-pass, Broad Street, Guignard Drive.
  8. $  8,900,000   -  County Paving. New paving road projects on 18 miles of dirt roads to ease public travel and emergency vehicle accessibility and to improve maintenance service on other Sumter County roads.  Roads to be paved include:  Alma Drive, Amberwood Drive, Amonn Road, Antrim Court, Bar Zee Drive, Bennett Drive, Birch Court, Bob White Drive, Brentwood Drive, Brighton Court, Caroland Drive, Cedarwood Drive, Cessna Street, Charles Miller Road, Clash Lane, Daniel Taylor Lane, Evergreen Court, Fourth Street, Gaddy  Street, Goodman Road, Hagan Street, Hialeah Parkway, Inverness Court, Jennifer Court, Killdee Drive, Leeds Court, Lesane Pressley Lane, Livingston Street, Mallory Court, Mallory Drive, Mayrant Road, Old Camden Road, Paige Drive, Peacock Drive, Prairie Road, Pridgen Lane, Quail Run, Regency Court, River Birch Drive, Robert Perry Road, Rosemary Court, Ross Farm Road, S. Haven Drive, Saxton Road, Sheffield Court, Shetland Street, Slip Road, Swallow Drive, Sycamore Drive, Thatcher Court, Timber Sand Road, Timmerman Street, Vixon Loop, Whipporwill Drive, Winston Road (both ends), Woodfield Court, Woodfield Lane, Yorkridge Drive and Zachary Road.
  9. $  3,100,000   - County Resurfacing.  Resurfacing road projects on 19 miles of roads to ease public travel and to improve maintenance service on the other Sumter County Roads. Roads to be resurfaced include: Amherst Court, Annie Court, Annie Street, Arabian Street, Avalon Court, Avalon Drive, Bush Court, Bush Lane, Carnegie Street, Carriage Drive, Chanson Court, Chanson Lane, Cherry Hill Court, Chris Drive, Cobb Court, Contour Court, Daly Street, Danville Lane, Derek Drive, Drake Street, Edmunds Drive, Expedition Drive, Firestone Court, Green View Parkway, Indigo Court, Indigo Drive, Innisbrook Court, Killarney Lane, Kim Street, Kiwi Court, Lacosta Court, Lakewood Circle, Lakewood Court, Lakewood Drive, Lancaster Drive, Lantern Lane, Lee Altman Road, Lemacks Street, Lorentz Drive, Mana Drive, Marwood Drive, McLaughlin Road, McPhail Street, Mona Court, Morris Way Drive, Moye Street, Nicholson Drive, Oak Haven Court, Pinecrest Drive, Potts Lane, Prestwick Court, Ridge Street, Royal Colwood Court, Sandspur Drive, Sheridan Drive, Sunflower Court, Sylvan Way, Tidewater Drive, Torrey Pines Drive, Trent Street, Turnberry Court, Warwick Court, Warwick Drive, Waterway Drive, Waverly Circle, and  Waverly Drive
  10. $  1,500,000   - Downtown Building Renovations.  Renovation to the City Center Offices (12 W. Liberty St.) and other downtown properties.  Renovations include, as a minimum, repairs or replacement of roofs, front façade, location signage, interior public bathrooms, and interior floor and walls.
  11. $  3,000,000   - Downtown Sumter Intersections and Infrastructure.  Infrastructure and building improvements in the historic central business district will include as a minimum pedestrian crosswalks, utilities, streets and sidewalks, lighting, landscaping to address safety, quality of life and investment in the central business district for economic development.
  12. $  6,000,000   - Recreation Renovations/Additions and Cultural Center/Recreation Parking Enhancements.  Construction of a new gymnasium and renovations to the Recreation Department facility including a new paved parking lot to service Patriot Hall.
  13. $  1,000,000   - Renovation of the Industrial Engineering Building at Central Carolina Technical College.  The renovation of the 400 building will allow expansion of current programs and provide enhanced training for workforce development.
  14. $  2,200,000   - Property and Building Acquisition/Renovation of Building.  Purchase and renovate property to provide new workspaces for 5 state agencies providing services for the Sumter Community.
  15. $     275,000   - Millcreek Renovations.  Clubhouse renovations of the 1940 Lodge will include energy efficient upgrades and will make the facility ADA compliant.
  16. $     300,000   - Renovations to Animal Control Building.  Renovations to the building will provide necessary upgrades and repairs to improve countywide Animal Control services.
  17. $     500,000   - Palmetto Park Renovations.  New lighting system to improve safety for the youth athletes and to increase sports tourism events.
  18. $  3,000,000   - Courthouse Restoration.  Restoration of historic county landmark with handicap accessibility to improve functionality and to upgrade technological work space while providing an energy efficient environment.
  19. $     300,000   - Carnegie Library Renovations.  Restore building to house a permanent Sumter County Military Museum.
  20. $  2,300,000   - Community Sidewalks.  The project expands the community sidewalk network, providing safe walking connections to neighborhoods, schools, parks, and commercial areas to include: North Columbia Drive, Crestwood Drive, North Guignard Drive, Highland Avenue, North Lafayette Drive, Lewis Road, Lynam Road, West Oakland Avenue and West Red Bay Road.
  21. $  1,000,000   - Community-Wide Demolition of  Distressed Structures for Open Space.  Acquire and/or demolish vacant, abandoned and/or distressed properties and return land to open space, recreation, park, other natural uses, or return to commercial use.  Funds will be used to identify nuisances and engage in a process of removing those structures from our community.


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