Sumter County Council Frequently Asked Questions

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How many Council members do we have on Sumter County Council?
Answer: There are seven Council members. Each member represents one of the seven Council Districts.

What is a Council District?
Answer: Each Council District is a specified geographic area determined by County Council.  The districts change after the census is taken every ten years.  The areas are based on population and all the districts have equivalent populations based on the most recent census.

Who determines the Council District?
Answer:  Council district lines are developed and approved by Sumter County Council and then forwarded to the U. S. Department Of Justice for final approval.  The district lines are evaluated every ten years after the Census Count is finalized.

How can I find out what Council District I am in?
Answer: There are a multiple ways to find your Council District.  If you have your Voter Registration card, you can find your district listed on it.  You can also view the PDF version of the Council District map, or use our GIS Votiing Districts map and zoom in on your street address to find out your district.  If you need more help, you can contact the Voter Registration office and they can assist you.

Who is my Council Member?
Answer:  Your Council member is determined by the District in which you live.  Your Council District is located on your registration card.   Match your District Number with the name of the Council member adjacent to it as listed below.   

District #1                      Naomi D. Sanders
District #2                       Artie Baker
District #3                       Jimmy Byrd
District #4                       Charles T. Edens
District #5                       Vivian Fleming McGhaney
District #6                       Larry Blanding
District #7                       Eugene Baten

How can I contact my Council members?
Answer: This website has a list of all members of Sumter County Council and their contact numbers located here.  Additionally, you can call 803-436-2106 or 803-436-2107 and speak to the Clerk to Council who will contact the Council member for you.  Or you can e-mail Sumter County Council at and the message will be forwarded to Council.

Who can run for Council?
Answer:  A person must be a minimum age of 18 years old; must be a resident of the county and/or district at the time of the election; must not have pledge guilty or been convicted of a felony in this state or in another state or pledge guilty or been convicted of driving under the suspension of a license or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol within the past ten years. (Information pertaining to filing to run for office can be discussed with the Director of the Voter Registration/Election Commission at 803-436-2312.)

How often are Council members elected?
Answer:   Each Council member serves for four years.  The terms are staggered so there is an election of Council members every two years.  Council Districts 2, 4, and 6 elections are held during the election for governor while Council Districts 1, 3, 5, and 7 elections are held during the presidential election. 

Who works for Council?
Answer:  Sumter County Council has two employees.  They are the County Administrator and the Clerk To Council.

Do the elected officials such as the Treasurer, Auditor, Sheriff, Coroner, Solicitor, Clerk of Court, Probate Judge, or any elected official work for Sumter County Council?
Answer:  No, they do not work for Sumter County Council.  They are elected officials and must answer to the voters, state laws, and local laws.

Where can i find the Council members addresses?
Answer: Go to this page then click on the council member who's address you want.

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