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   Carolina Richardson

13 E Canal St

Sumter, SC 29150

Phone: 803-436-2213

Fax 803-436-2469

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday  8:30 - 5:00

You can now pay taxes on our new Online Tax Payment Page.

The Treasurer, as custodian of Sumter County funds, is responsible for the collection and disbursement of all County revenue.  The Treasurer handles investments for the County and numerous special purpose districts located within the County.  Schedules for the payments of bonded indebtedness are prepared by the Treasurer who also oversees the payment of maturities and indebtedness.

Treasurer's Duties:

The specific duties of the Treasurer are listed and described in Title 12, Chapter 45 of the South Carolina Code of Laws.  The activities of the Treasurer are regulated by the State Comptroller General.

  • Collects taxes (including Department of Motor Vehicle fees)
  • Allocates monies
  • Receives, deposits, and disburses all County and school funds
  • Abstracts Mortgages and Deeds on Property Sold.
  • Coordinates with Auditor and Assessor.

The Treasurer's Office works closely with the Auditor and Assessor to assure that all property on the County Tax Rolls is correct.

About Property Taxes:

  • Paying Real Property Taxes - You will pay one (1) year in arrears.  Tax Notices will be issued each October and are payable by January 15 with no penalty.  After January 15 add 3% to base tax amount.  After February 1 add 10% to base tax amount.  After March 16 add 15% to base tax amount.
  • Paying Personal Property Taxes - You must pay one (1) year in advance in order to obtain a license tag.  The exception occurs when you allow a dealer to obtain your license tag; then you will owe taxes within one hundred twenty (120) days.   The Treasurer's Office works with the SC Department of Transportation "online" for renewal of drivers license plates.
  • Delinquent Tax - The Annual Delinquent Tax Sale is held on the first Monday of each November.  Please contact the Treasurer's Office for detailed information.
PLEASE NOTE:   Property taxes shown on the "Online Services" page(s) may NOT reflect the addition of "penalties" and other "fees" that may be applied to property.  


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