Voter Registration / Elections

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Patricia Jefferson, Director

141 N Main St
Sumter, SC 29150

Phone: 803-436-2310

Fax: 803-436-2405

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 8:30 - 5:00

Registrations and Elections:

To give all citizens a chance to register and vote, and also to successfully administer all Federal, State, and Local Elections held within Sumter County.

Where to Register to Vote:

A Citizen who wishes to register to vote can complete a voter registration application at any of the following locations:

  • County Board of Voter Registration (located in the county seat of each county)
  • Agencies participating in National Voter Registration Act
  • Voter Registration by mail is also available.


Sumter County Council Districts Map

Sumter County House Districts

Sumter County Senate Districts

Poll Manager Application

A list of voting precinct names, locations, and street addresses is available here.


Download a copy of the Voter Registration Application


Find your voting location


Change of Address Form


Photo ID Law in 2013


Request for Absentee Ballot Application


List of Qualifying Reasons to Request Absentee Ballot


Frequently Asked Questions

If I register to vote, will I be called for jury duty?

Jury selection in South Carolina comes from a combination of the voter registration and driver's license/identification cardholder files.

How long do I have to live in a county before I can register to vote?

There is no duration requirement in South Carolina for residency.

How often will I have to register to vote?

Voter registration is permanent.   You do not have to re-register unless you move to a new county.   If you move to a new precinct within the county you must notify the voter registration office.

Do I have to specify or declare a party preference?

No, you do not have to specify a party when registering to vote.   During a primary election, a voter can participate in either party's primary; however, you can only vote in one primary for a particular election.

Will I receive confirmation of my voter registration?

Yes.   The county board of voter registration will process all voter registration applications.

Where will I go to vote?

The voter registration certificate you will receive will contain the name of your voting place. You can search the for your polling place by clicking this link.

Why do I have to give my social security number?

South Carolina law requires any one wishing to register to vote disclose their Social Security Number.   Social Security Number is used for identification purposes only.   The county boards of voter registration do not release it.

I have lost my voter registration card, will I need it in order to vote?

It is not necessary to have your voter registration card with you when you go to the poll to vote; however, you must have either a valid S. C. Driver's License or identification card issued by the Division of Motor Vehicles.

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