Airport Industrial Park Water and Sewer Infrastructure

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The Sumter Airport has been identified through strategic planning as a major economic development asset to the Sumter community. The Sumter Airport complements the availability of aviation-trained workers who came to Sumter through Shaw Air Force Base. But the Airport is not ready for

development as the water supply is inadequate, and there is no sewer system.

To make the Sumter Airport truly ready for economic development, Sumter needs new, larger water lines and a sewer system, both with plenty of excess capacity to host future growth.

An airport with completed infrastructure and ready for growth will also compete for Federal Aviation Administration grants more effectively.


  • Beginning of Project: In the Black River Airport Industrial Park
  • End of Project: Near the entrance of Sumter Airport, on Brewington Road

The Penny for Progress Will:

  • Expand existing water lines to the airport.
  • Install new hydrants, manholes and lift stations as necessary.
  • Install sewer lines from the industrial park to the Sumter Airport.


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