Intersection and Infrastructure Improvements

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Sumter Central Business District Intersection and Infrastructure Improvements

A viable downtown is important to the economic and social health, heritage and civic pride of our community.  The downtown imparts community history and traditions to not only the Sumter residents but also to visitors.  The buildings and public spaces are a living part of our heritage, reminders of our past that should be preserved. 

Downtown revitalization is also an economic development engine.  In today's competitive marketplace, successfully competing for new industries, attracting affluent retirees and stimulating commercial development all require that a community have an attractive and vibrant Central Business District.  Industrial prospects when evaluating an expansion or relocation are almost always concerned about the quality of life available for their employees.  A vibrant historic downtown is critical in luring desirable industry to the Sumter area.

Experts agree that one of the significant steps required in revitalizing the historic Central Business District (CBD) of any community is getting Main Street into top physical shape. Capitalizing on its best assets — such as historic buildings and pedestrian-oriented streets — is just part of the story. Much of the work involved in making downtown an attractive center of our community, one that will stimulate economic development, involves the improvement of the streetscape.   Phase I of the project began in 2003 and was completed in 2005.  The proposed intersection and infrastructure improvements will allow the City of Sumter to continue this process.


The proposed improvements will all be within the Central Business District, which encompasses the area North to South from Calhoun Street to Bartlette Street and east to west from Harvin Street to North Washington Street.

The Penny for Progress Will:

  • Improve streets and sidewalks in the CBD
  • Bury utility lines and install historic design decorative traffic cross-arms at all intersections in the CBD
  • Improve directional signage in the CBD


Original Budget:      2,700,000.00
Expenditures:             1,597,824.36
Budget Remaining:   1,102,175.64

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