Judicial Center

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Judicial Center - Artist Rendering

The State Supreme Court has directed Sumter County to address safety concerns at the Court House where we handle a per capita docket on par with Greenville and Columbia.  The new Judicial Center will address the concerns and make more space available in the current Court House.


Judicial Center Construction

The new Sumter County Judicial Center will be the core legal facility for the community.  It will be built with top-level security in mind, meeting or exceeding state and federal guidelines.  Secure parking for judges, law enforcement, detention center vans, clerks and court officials will also be included in the project, as well as the renovation of the Summary (Magistrate) Court.

The courthouse is currently too small to handle the volume of cases Sumter County generates. The office space is also inadequate for the Solicitor's Office as well as the Clerk of Court's offices. The current facility also lacks the security needed to keep judges, court staff and jurors safe. Also, there is a major lack of space for the storage of legal records, which is required by state law.


  • The new Judicial Center will be located near the corner of Harvin and Calhoun Streets, between the Chamber of Commerce and the Sumter County Library. 

The Penny for Progress Will:

  • Construct an approximately 80,000 square-foot building to house the current courthouse, the Circuit Court, Family Court, Probate Court and the Clerk of Court offices.
  • Renovate the Summary (Magistrate) Court. (For pictures click here)

Ground Breaking photos

Aerial photos of construction for this project from January to March 2012

Before and After pictures of the First Year

Renovation of the old Summary Court Building

Budget Judicial Center

Original Budget:      18,000,000.00
Expenditures:             17,979,643.97
Budget Remaining:           20,356.03

Budget Magistrate Building

Original Budget:       2,000,000.00
Expenditures:                 470,096.65
Budget Remaining:   1,529,903.35


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