New Water Plant Construction

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The City of Sumter has not added a new water plant to serve area businesses and residents in more than 16 years, despite substantial growth during that period. Currently, major growth in areas south of town is inhibited due to the lack of plentiful water.

This project would open the south and southeast side of town to industrial development by adding to the City of Sumter's current water capacity. This could result in significant future economic development, which would bring new dollars into the Sumter Community. This project would take advantage of the widening of Hwy 521, and would allow future growth along the Hwy 521 Corridor

This will add a sixth plant to the City of Sumter water system, providing clean potable water for many years to come. This new plant will consist of new wells, new pumps, a new treatment facility and the physical structure to house it all.


  • The new water plant would be located south of town, probably along the Hwy 521 Corridor. 

The Penny for Progress Will:

Construct a new water plant, including a physical structure, wells, tanks, treatment equipment and pumps, piping, and electronic control system, and assorted furniture and fixtures.


Original Budget:      8,000,000
Expenditures:                149,446.44
Budget Remaining:   7,850,553.56

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