Patriot Park Athletic Complex and Activities Center

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More than 3,500 youth athletes in Sumter County participate in soccer, baseball, softball and football each year, learning about teamwork and healthy lifestyles. The completion of Patriot Park will give them the facilities they've earned and will provide walking paths and green space for all of Sumter County's residents.



Patriot Park Construction

The Patriot Park Athletic Complex and Activities Center is both a bold and necessary addition to Sumter County's recreational assets. Before this initiative, Sumter County had not added new ball fields, nor made a significant investment in its parks, since the 1970s. Meanwhile, Sumter County's population has grown by more than 20% during that time span.

The purpose of this project is to provide Sumter County youth and adults the kind of facilities they deserve, to ease congestion at other area ballparks, and to create a valuable community asset that actually brings attention and revenue into the county.

The Patriot Park Complex, located on Patriot Parkway (SC 441) near the intersection of Loring Mill Road, is designed with ALL Sumter County residents in mind, and will include walking paths, a nature center and plenty of green space. Of course it will include new ball fields as well, which will help ease congestion at other area ball fields, some of which stay open well past dark to accommodate the increasing numbers of youths and adults using them.

While state-of-the-art recreational facilities like Patriot Park Complex are expensive, this one is designed to bring revenue into Sumter County, as the park will host many state and regional tournaments and competitions that will bring visitors to Sumter where they will rent hotel rooms, dine in our restaurants and help pay for facilities like this through sales taxes on every purchase they make.

The Penny for Progress will:

  • Construct Phase II of Patriot Park
  • Build four regulation baseball fields
  • Build control towers
  • Construct spectator facilities
  • Construct walking paths and green space


Original Budget:      6,000,000
Expenditures:             5,908,986.39
Budget Remaining:         91,013.61

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