Pocotaligo Industrial Park Infrastructure

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Pocotaligo Industrial Park remains agricultural land because it is not yet ready for industrial development prospects. While the old economic development model of deal first, infrastructure later used to work, development prospects today demand ready-to-go parks and shovel-ready sites. As is, Pocotaligo Industrial Park stands only a small chance of attracting a significant industrial development tenant, because it lacks to necessary water and sewer infrastructure. 

Pictures from May to March


  • Beginning of Project: About one mile north of the Pocotaligo Industrial Park
  • End of Project: The interior of Pocotaligo Industrial Park

Project Details

  • Planned Improvement: The addition of three things:
    • A larger water line with more capacity
    • A sewer line for use by future industrial companies
    • A 500,000 gallon elevated water tank for potable water and fire suppression
  • Length of Project: About a mile. 
  • Estimated Cost: $2 million


  • To complete the basic infrastructure required to lure economic development prospects

Planned Improvements

  • Add a 12" water line
  • Add a gravity sewer line from the interior of the park to already installed sewer lines near the park 
  • Add a 500,000 gallon elevated water tank


Original Budget:      2,000,000.00
Expenditures:             1,623,725.51
Budget Remaining:      376,274.49

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