Road Improvements in Airport Industrial Park

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With the recent completion of the certification of Black River Airport Industrial Park, the only remaining major improvements are the completion of the road all the way to the airport, and the completion of the water/sewer system. Such improvements will ease current and future truck traffic by diverting it to Brewington Road. This project will also increase the park's marketability and increase Sumter County's chances of creating new jobs in the future.

This project will add about 1.5 miles of two-lane roadway to the Black River Airport Industrial Park. It will add two lanes to the existing roadway between Caterpillar and the Black River Spec Building. It will also add four lanes of roadway between the Spec Building and Brewington Road, completing the park, linking the Black River Airport Industrial Park and the Sumter Airport, and creating a new, clean entrance into our community.


  • Beginning of Project: Just north of Caterpillar Precision Pins on N. Wise Drive
  • End of Project: Brewington Road



Original Budget:          1,600,000
Expenditures:             1,508,253.84
Budget Remaining:         91,746.16

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