Sidewalk Safety Improvements

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Many of Sumter County's schoolchildren walk to school each day along overgrown roadway shoulders that represent a hazard. Even worse, the lack of safe sidewalks encourages some to walk in the street. This project will build sidewalks (including drainage and reconstruction of substandard sidewalks) to connect existing neighborhoods creating safer and more secure routes to schools and parks.  It will also link neighborhoods and schools that have never been connected. The addition and renovation of sidewalks will also help promote healthy active lifestyles in Sumter communities.



Click on the images below to see an aerial map with the projects marked.


The Penny for Progress Will:

  • Build new sidewalks and renovate existing sidewalks to ensure safe, secure pedestrian and bicycle routes


Original Budget:          1,500,000
Expenditures:             1,327,992.90
Budget Remaining:      172,007.10

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